This incredible woman is Claudia Gordon,

Claudia Gordon, the first Black deaf female attorney in the U.S., has been an advocate for people with disabilities since high school. It was her desire to address societal barriers faced by people with disabilities that motivated her to pursue a legal education and career. Since graduating from law school and being admitted to the Maryland Bar, Claudia has conducted numerous empowerment and legal education outreach and training to communities and organizations in both the U.S. and St. Thomas USVI.

Claudia has a longstanding association with the National Black Deaf Advocates Association (NBDA), having served since 1989, and is currently its Vice-President. She has also provided advocacy leadership at the National Association of the Deaf Law Center; the Civil Practice Clinic at the Washington College of Law, Washington, DC Public Defender Service-Mental Health Division; the Black Law Students Association; the National Black Deaf Advocates Association; and the Consumer Action Network. Currently, she is an independent consultant to the National Council on Disability (NCD).

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Can social networks help trace the outbreak of infectious diseases?


An article entitled “From Facebook to Tracebook: A Justified Means to Prevent Infection Risks?,” published in a special symposium from Public Health Ethics, “New Media, Risky Behaviour and Children,” looks at how social media could justifiably be used for infectious disease control.


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HELLGREN, Harry Vincent (contemporary)/ Sarek II

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Henri-Edmond Cross - Shepherd and Sheep

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Dancing in the dark

Three views of one animal look like a magical dancing sprite in the night sea. A relative of the Man-o’-War, the predatory siphonophore Rhizophysa, is four inches high when contracted (middle) but its stinging tentacles stretch to a couple of feet when fishing. 

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(pitched to different “gender”)

Sorry for low-tier quality, I just really wanted to hear what this would sound like. 

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